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SEA Us Write & Design is an initiative to create inclusive and culturally relevant spaces for Southeast Asian youth to grow as writers and artists. These spaces will uplift their voice & cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship skills through creative workshops.

Summer 2023

Hmong Girls' Creative Writing & Design Circle

The Hmong Girls' Circle is the first youth group of SEA Us Write & Design. It is a safe and supportive space to build sisterhood and develop creative writing and artistic skills through a series of eight creative workshops. With this space, the girls will also learn to navigate and express their personal experiences and voices as Hmong women. 

Together, these girls will curate their own exhibition space to showcase all of their creative work. In addition, they will develop their own creative products to sell in XIA's gift shop. Through this program, the girls will grow as artists and entrepreneurs.


  • Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 31st 2023 @11:59PM

  • Applicant Selection Announcement: Wednesday, June 7th 2023 

  • Workshop Sessions: Workshops are in-person at XIA Gallery & Cafe (422 University Ave W. St Paul MN 55119). 

    • #1: Tuesday, June 20 2023 4PM - 6PM

    • #2: Tuesday, June 27 2023 4PM - 6PM

    • #3: Tuesday, July 11 2023 4PM - 6PM

    • #4: Tuesday, July 18 2023 4PM - 6PM

    • #5: Tuesday, July 25 2023 4PM - 6PM

    • #6: Tuesday, August 1 2023 4PM - 6PM

    • #7: Tuesday, August 8 2023 4PM - 6PM

    • #8:  Tuesday, August 15 2023 4PM - 6PM

  • Preparations for Exhibition: Aug 16 2023 - Sept 7 2023

    • No workshops or meeting. This is a time for the girls to prepare their creative work and products for the Opening Reception of the Exhibition 

  • Opening Reception of the Exhibition: Friday, September 8, 2023 @6PM

    • This is the first day of exhibit & a celebratory event with the community

  • Last Day of Exhibition: Sunday, October 8th, 2023

What are we looking for

  • Must have a passion for writing or art 

  • Must identify as Hmong (interracial Hmong is acceptable as well)

  • Must identify as a woman 

  • Must be ages 15 - 18 years old (by the time of the first workshop)

  • Must be from Minnesota 

  • Must be able to attend all workshops

    • We will waive one absence. They must make up the absence with a one on one meeting with the mentors

  • Must be able to attend the Opening Reception 

Application Requirements 

  • Artist Headshot: a beautiful headshot of yourself​​

  • Bio Description (100 - 150 words): share a few unique things about yourself! We just want to know who you are as a person! Who are you? What roles do you hold? What do you enjoy doing? What kind of art do you like to do?

  • Creative Portfolio: we want to see what kind of creative work you do! You must submit at least two creative writing samples or two artwork samples! 

    • Writing Samples:​ 

      • Poetry  ​

      • Prose

      • 500 - 1000 words of creative nonfiction (partial stories of a completed work are accepted)

      • 500 - 1000 words or less of fiction (partial stories of a completed work are accepted)

    • Artwork Samples:​ painting, drawing, digital art, ​photography, manga, graphic novel, embroidery, knitting, etc. ​​
  • W9

About the selection process

XIA Gallery & Cafe's Arts & Culture Team will review every application and select which youth to participate in the Hmong Girl's Circle. Accommodations will be made as XIA sees fit.

If you have any questions or comments about the Hmong Girls' Circle or application process, please contact Npaus Baim, the Arts & Culture Coordinator:

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