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RSVP an Event!

Celebrate. Inspire. Empower.

We are welcoming Asian & BIPOC artists to utilize

our space for their creative programs and events!

When we say "Artists," we mean ALL ARTISTS: Artists, Makers, Performers, Writers, Photographers, Designers, Carpenters, Farmers, and so much more! 

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XIA is open to what you want to use the space for and would love to see how we can make it happen.  

  • Book Launch/Reading/Signing events for authors!

  • Theater performances, such as plays, musicals, puppet shows for performers!

  • Creative workshops to teach the community your craft & skills! 

  • Panel discussions, and more! 

To RSVP an event, please contact Npaus Baim Her: 


  • Is there a cost to reserve?

We want your event to be free and accessible to the community! We strive to have your events be successful for your growth as an entrepreneur. We simply ask that our café profits at least $350 from your event and this will be considered your "Venue Fee Payment."

Venue Fee Payments can be made by the total purchase transactions at XIA Gallery & Cafe during the event.  Any items purchased from the café menu are valid to offset the venue fee.  

  • What does the reservation include?

You have access to the seating area of the café and may move/remove the furniture to suit your event needs. By removing a a couple tables around, you have access to a small stage area for a single or duet performance. For performances, we have a speaker (w/ Bluetooth), one mic, one mic stand, and a cord to connect to a guitar. 


Unfortunately, the space of the gift shop and exhibition cannot be touched. If you are wanting to use the exhibition space, this is separate application (please see exhibition application under programs).

You may also bring any additional tech support/furniture/displays/decorations, etc. to make your event stand out and successful! XIA Gallery & Cafe is not responsible for decorations.

  • How many people can the space accomadate?

We can seat 40-50 people. We have had our space accommodate for 50-75 people at most.

  • Can I sell merchandise in the space?

Yes, you can sell merchandise in the space. However, there is a commission rate of 70/30. Artists collect 70% of their sales, XIA Gallery collects 30%. You will have to sign a consignment agreement and provide a list of products you wish to sell.

  • When will I receive payment of my sales?

You will receive payment of your sales from the event the following week. 

  • Does tax get included during sales at the register?

Unfortunately, tax does not get included. You will have to include tax in the prices of your work if you feel that is ideal. 

  • Can I bring food into the space for my guests? Will the cafe be open?

Yes, the café will be open for your event. If you wish to cater for your event, only food, alcohol, and water may be provided. However, catering can only happen if you RSVP when XIA Gallery & Cafe is closed to the public. In addition, you will not be able to serve desserts. If you wish to serve various other drinks and desserts, we can work with our barista to have a specialized menu! 

For any further questions or comments, please contact Npaus Baim Her: 

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