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Textile Trail: Matriarchal Legacy

RedGreen Rivers welcomes everyone to our exhibition, “Textile Trail: Matriarchal Legacy.” This exhibition showcases vibrant hemp and /silk textile products brought back recently from Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand handmade and designed by artisan makers. 


These artisan makers, all of whom are women and girls from the Mekong Region in Southeast Asia, are incredibly talented in making traditional handicrafts. Come experience the power and legacy of generations of matriarchal artisans.

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Request a Group Tour w/ the Curators

Learn more about RedGreen Rivers and their recent journey to Southeast Asia through a private group tour. In this intimate space, you can connect with the curators on a deeper level and listen to the beautiful stories of every creative piece showcased in the exhibit.

Available dates for the tours:

  • Sunday, March 26th

    • 1PM - 2PM

    • 2PM - 3PM

  • Saturday, April 1st

    • 1PM - 2PM​

    • 2PM - 3PM

  • Sunday, April 2nd

    • 1PM - 2PM 

    • 2PM - 3PM

  • Friday, April 7th

    • 11AM - 12PM

    • 1PM - 2PM

    • 2PM - 3PM

  • Sunday, April 9th

    • 1PM - 2PM

    • 2PM - 3PM

The tours will be free and one hour long. Each person must apply for the tour. If you would like more than 20 people to attend the group tour, please contact Npaus Baim:

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About RedGreen Rivers

Ethnic people’s designs and handicrafts have gone global. What was historically created for individual consumption is now mass produced. Often simply referred to as “tribal,” there is little acknowledgment to its roots or real benefits to artisan  makers. Founded in 2014, RedGreen Rivers™ aims to change that.

Hmong people are global citizens living all over the world, but elders say we emigrated from China where the Green River runs and crossed over the Red River to reach Southeast Asia. RedGreen Rivers™ is our roots; it’s our journey.

RedGreen Rivers work with artisan makers, most of whom are women and girls, from the Mekong Region in Southeast Asia. We get to know their stories, learn about their gifts and talents; then, we design, produce, and purchase directly from them in order to bring beautiful items to you. 

It’s important to us that you get to know the artisan makers, because they inspire and craft the RedGreen Rivers™ products.  When you buy from RedGreen Rivers™ you get a treasure, and you support a maker.  

Our products are not mass produced, because we focus on quality and authenticity. We believe that artistic talent born  from traditional indigenous designs can create sustainable communities.  

Learn more about RedGreen Rivers:

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Hemp Textile & Batik

RedGreen Rivers visited the HMong cooperative which works with 150+ women to make hemp textiles and batik using indigenous skills. The women in this cooperative are more empowered because of the support they receive from each other as well as the income generation. One of the founders was named Forbes 50 most influential women in Vietnam (some years ago). 

Weaving Hemp Threads

While there are fewer women engaged in textile making daily, we met this bright woman who has lived for 108 years. In her hands are hemp threads. She was connecting those threads by hand the entire time chatting with RedGreen Rivers. 

Thai Loom

In Tak Province, Thailand, RedGreen Rivers' learned how to make hemp textile from a family cooperative that has been doing this for generations. We saw the plant, peeled the stalk, processed the fiber into threads, set up the loom and learned to weave using a HMong style loom. It is not easy work and the process takes days and months to produce a piece of cloth. Every inch of the plant is used and turned into something useful.

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