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About the Exhibit

Healing in Solidarity is a collaborative exhibition of Asian and Black artists showcasing their visual works on healing, social justice, and cross-racial allyship. This exhibit strives to inspire and initiate conversations mobilizing Black and Asian communities to continue supporting one another through artistic expressions. Each artist has a unique story to share from navigating their identities as Black/African Heritage, Asian, or interracial to highlighting the racial injustices in their communities to overcoming their own battles. 


Student Tour Opportunities

The students will receive an opportunity to meet with 2 - 3 of the artists featured in the exhibit and learn more in depth about their creative works and how it speaks to social justice. 

Through these tours, students will learn about the historical and present context of cross racial allyship between Asian & Black communities. They will also learn about the inequities Asian & Black communities continue to face through the creative works featured in the exhibit. 

The tour will take place at XIA Gallery & Cafe and is a duration of one hour and 30 minutes. The space can accommodate at most 60 people. 

Review the Agenda / Curriculum Outline with brief reference points. 

You can contact Npaus Baim to schedule a tour at:


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Meet the Artists

Our artists are not only creators or entrepreneurs, but also changemakers who continue to advance cross racial solidarity & relationship building within our communities through their creative work.

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