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Your Creative Work in the Gift Shop!

Grow as an Entrepreneur. Expand your Clientele.

Why is XIA Gallery & Cafe focused on creative work and products from Asian & BIPOC artists and makers?

We love seeing how artists and makers are inspired by the richness of their culture and heritage to develop creative work that speak to who they are and empowers the community. Creative work & products with culture and heritage uplifts communities of color and fosters a sense of pride. It also increases Asian & BIPOC visibility by sharing our culture & heritage with everyone. Artists & makers are not just artists & makers. They are also community developers by strengthening their communities through a creative lens.

When we say "Artists," we mean ALL ARTISTS: Artists, Makers, Performers, Writers, Photographers, Designers, Carpenters, Farmers, and so much more! And when we say creative work, we mean ALL CREATIVE WORKS: Visual Prints, Stickers, Notebooks, Graphic Novels, T-Shirts, Home Decor, Nail Art, Chapsticks, and so much more!


We welcome all Asian & BIPOC artists to sell their products in XIA's gift shop.

Submit your consignment application now!

About the Application

  • Client/Business In-take Form (Basic information about you and your business)

  • Artist Headshot

  • Artist Statement

  • Sample photos of products

  • W9

  • Agreement Form

Program Requirments

As part of our Arts and Cultural Programming, Artist must participate in 2 virtual courses:
1. Financial Literacy Virtual Course
2. Digital Literacy Virtual Course


  • What is a consignment?

Consignment shops provide a physical location to sell products from multiple consignors and share a portion of the profit.  Consignors (artists) provide the inventory and are paid when their product sells.  

  • What are the next steps after completing the consignment application?

When your application is accepted, you will be contacted with an official contract.  The consignor/artist may begin to drop their product/s at XIA Gallery.  When your items are in the possession of the consignment shop, all products will remain the ownership of the consignor/artist until the product is sold.  

  • What is the commission rate?

The commission rate is 70/30. Artist keeps 70% of their art sales made from their exhibit. XIA will collect 30%. Artist sets the price on all of their work.

  • Does tax get included during sales at the register?

Unfortunately, tax does not get included. You will have to include tax in the prices of your work if you feel that is ideal. 

  • When will I receive payment of my sales?

Artists receive payment of their sales on a monthly basis through direct deposit or a check to their house address. 

  • How often do I need to restock? Will I get notified when stock is low?

Artists can stock up as many times as they like! Artists may leave large bulks of inventory with us or artists may stock up when inventory is low. We will definitely notify artists when it is low or sold out. 

  • Do I have to set up/display my products in the gift shop?

Once products are dropped off at XIA, we will handle setting up and displaying your products in the gift shop. 

  • Do I need to carry art exhibition/gallery insurance?

Yes. We only house and display products. The products are still in full ownership of the artist until sold to the purchaser. Artist is responsible to carry adequate art exhibition/gallery insurance to protect your creative work. Please reach out to Npaus Baim if you need any resources.

For any further questions or comments, please contact Npaus Baim Her:

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