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Friday, August 2nd @7PM - 9PM

Unleash your creativity at FIRE Open Mic, where the stage is set ablaze with the vibrant talents of Asian-American local artists! Join us at Xia Gallery Cafe for a dynamic evening of performances, welcoming all performing artists to share their passion and ignite the atmosphere with their unique artistry. Come be part of a supportive community celebrating diversity and expression!

The host, Tory Envy, shares "When I started performing 15+ years ago, I attended ICE Open Mic which was created by my friend, Tousaiko. That open mic has since ended but those who participated in it still have a fire burning in them and often talk about wanting to recreate the experience, especially with their own kids."


Can I just come to watch? Yes!

Will food and drinks be provided? No, but you can purchase drinks and desserts in the cafe before the show starts!


What can I perform at open mic? ​All readings and performances are welcome! Short essays, poetry, spoken word, singing, skits, comedic acts, and more! We do ask that to keep your performance attire, language, and messages to be family friendly as this event may have youth attending. (For example, no nudity and no swear words, etc).  

How old do I have to be to perform? All ages are welcome!


Where do I sign up? You can sign up here:

featured artist

Kevin Yang

Spoken Word Artist & Filmmaker

Kevin Yang is a Hmong American spoken word artist and documentary filmmaker from the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Kevin works at Twin CitiesPBS where he connects educators to media resources. Kevin represented Minnesota at the BlackBerryPeach National Poetry Slam in 2022 and represented Hamline University at the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational in 2012 and 2014. Kevin’s work has been published on platforms such as Button Poetry and in the anthology We Are Meant to Rise.

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meet the host

Tory Envy


Victoria Lee, known professionally as Tory Envy is a Hmong-American children's book author and artist. Envy published her first bilingual children's book "I Am A Big Sister - Kuv Yog Ib Tug Niam Laus" in 2021 where she was featured on Fox 9 News and ranked top 20 at for Asian American Literature after her release. She is a mother of two, a toddler and an infant, where she gets her best book ideas.

Being the first born generation of Hmong immigrant parents in the Unites States, Envy found various forms of art as a way to express herself and share experiences from upbringing. She was caught between two cultures at opposite sides of the spectrum. Being Hmong and through her books and art, she encourages self-expression and wants to keep Hmong literacy alive.

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