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Meet the Mentors!

Adora Vang
Design Mentor

Adora Vang is a freelance graphic designer and artist. She is the owner and head creative of Adora Vang Designs. Her business helps other individuals with custom visual elements – whether it’s designing a logo, printed business cards, restaurant menus, digital social graphics, custom artwork, or even a website, she enjoys doing it all. She is mostly known for her Hmong-inspired designs and artwork that reflects her culture and identity.  Growing up, there was not much representation or pride in being Hmong or Asian American, and she uses her skills today to create art that she and others can feel proud of.

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Npaus Baim Her
Writer Mentor

Npaus Baim is an educator and storyteller, who collects the narratives of Asian Americans. In 2023, she taught A Reflection on Hmong Culture & Language with Public Art St. Paul for the Sidewalk Poetry Workshop series. In 2022, she published the digital zine "Hmong American Experiences during the Pandemic" with Hmong Museum. In 2019 to 2021, she was published in #MinneAsianStories with Coalition of Asian American Leaders, Staring Down the Tiger by Pa Der Vang, and The Summit Avenue Review. Previously, Npaus Baim worked in higher education and taught the course College Writing at the University of Minnesota Duluth as an instructor, as well as a Writers Consultant for the Writing Workshops. Currently, she works at XIA Gallery & Cafe as an Arts & Culture Coordinator to support and celebrate Asian & BIPOC artists. 

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